In order to have more clarity about our audiences for project evaluation purposes, since March 2020 we are using in this website the stats service Matomo Analytics, this is a feature private by design, that means all data collected is stored only within our own MySQL database, no other business (or Matomo team member) can access any of this information, and logs or report data will never be sent to other servers by Matomo nor us. The source code of the software is open-source so hundreds of people have reviewed it to ensure it is secure and keeps your data private.

The information we collect is anonymised and we do not collect any personal data. Therefore, we comply with the GDPR regulation.

In any case, if you want to opt-out from this tracking you can do it by using this simple form (if you don’t see the form is because you already have a do not track feature in your browser so your data is not registered by us 🙂 ):